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Monster concepts
Color tests!
Upgrade, oni concept.
Getting shape.
Coral goblin wip
They say that something is eating white sharks.
Make it 2!
Zombie concept! Painting practice//40 min
Just a pause before geometry

The pencil

28. May 2014

It said to me… “Please take me, and let me find my way along your mind.” I thought about saying no, it was late, 4 in the morning working for collage, finishing the last project of geometry… Yet i felt something in that night, could be the night it self, perhaps the quiet or just the too many task that i didnt want to do… When i took the pencil, it took my will, the music was perfet, and the drawings had life of their own, the story was born, the characters marked a place in my heart. In that night of boring duties, i found hope, that my life could be all arround that feeling.

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Quick illustration from last night.